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punishment: three cute shots

(the MCs requested for him to do something cuter than his gwiyeomi and to be more cringeworthy)

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Junilan 2013.06.23


Junilan 2013.06.23


my boy, you grow up so fast!

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2014.07.10 | Happy Heeday! ♥

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Kim Heechul - Minimalist Poster


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Transforming into a girl…

Well, the girls have it tough… You get hair in your mouth if it’s long, and somehow the sides of my face feel warm!

What if Muraki was your boyfriend?

I think he’ll become quite reliable. Although he usually mostly fools around, I think that at the time the things get serious, he would lead his girlfriend.

Looking at Motodaka after the transformation into a girl…

It’s interesting (Laughs). Even the blonde hair unexpectedly suits him! (Muraki)

Motodaka’s aspired plan for a first date

We’d go to an amusement park in the morning, ride the roller coaster and eat strawberry parfaits. In the afternoon we’d go to Harajuku or to some fashionable neighborhood, take purikuras at the game center and be in high spirits! After playing around a lot we’d relax at a nearby park~ ♪ I think that rather than only going to one place, a varied date where you go to a lot of places is better. Pair things are embarrassing so I don’t want to use them, but if my girlfriend would request, I’m sure I’d buy them together with her ♪

++ Ryota

Transforming into a girl…

To be honest, I think it’s awful… (Tears) Dressing up like this every day is hard! I’ve understood the troubles of girls.

What if Motodaka was your boyfriend?

He’ll want to protect and lead her. But he’s a bit of a natural airhead, so (Laughs). It’s probably a bit like, “Even though there are times when you change a bit, I find it interesting and like it ♥.”

Looking at Muraki after the transformation into a girl…

I thought it suited him when I saw him from far away, but… (Laughs) (Motodaka)

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when Katsuki passed the 1st elimination ♥

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Motodaka Katsuki

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